Where do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are returning as a common problem in much of the country. Though they can crop up almost anywhere, there are a few places they’re especially notorious for hiding out in.

  1. Free Furniture

    It’s not uncommon to see abandoned or discarded furniture on the side of the road, at trash dumps, or in alleyways. It can be tempting to claim some of this furniture as your own, especially if it’s in great shape. However, you should always be skeptical when such a great opportunity falls into your lap. That furniture was probably left there for a reason, like bed bugs.

    When furniture becomes infested with the critters, getting it bug-free can be almost impossible. Many residents find it easier to throw away bed bug ridden furniture than to bother trying to clean it. Bringing home infested furniture is a sure way to get bed bugs all over your house.

  2. Your Neighbors

    If you have a sizeable yard between your home and your neighbors, bud bugs probably aren’t going to cross it. However, many people share a building with others, whether it be a duplex or a high-rise apartment building. In this case, it’s very easy for bed bugs to move from one condominium or apartment to the next. They can easily crawl along electric wiring or through air conditioning systems, making them a threat to the entire building.

  3. Hotels

    With the number of people going in and out of hotels, it’s no surprise that they’re frequent bed bug targets. You never know what kind of people were in the room before you. And just like apartment buildings, it’s easy for bed bugs to spread once they’ve gained a foothold in one room.

  4. Public Areas

    Anywhere lots of people gather, the chance of bed bugs being present increases. This is especially true in areas where people are sitting down or changing clothes. This means places like public transportation and movie theatres are high-risk areas. When you get home from such areas, you should always check yourself and your clothing carefully for bed bugs.

  5. Purchased Clothing

    Bed bugs are known to enter your house through clothing you buy and bring home. This is true both for used clothing at thrift stores and brand new clothes. Always do a visual inspection of clothing you buy both at the point of sale and at home afterwards.

    If you do get bed bugs and need to know how to deal with them, be sure to check the rest of our site for more information and helpful tips!

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