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Professional Termite Treatment Techniques

Despite their tiny size, termites cause more damage to U.S. homes than earthquakes, storms and fires combined, often leaving homeowners with thousands of dollars in damage. There are do-it-yourself proactive measures that homeowners can take to help prevent future infestations, but in the event of an active infestation, homeowners should immediately contact a professional. Treating a termite infestation is a serious endeavor, and professionals provide homeowners and their families with a peace of mind that do-it-yourself solutions cannot achieve.

The two primary methods professionals use to treat active infestations involve wood treatment, and structural fumigation. Wood treatment is a less invasive approach than fumigation, and it can be effective when an infestation is limited to a smaller, known location. Chemical wood treatments are often available to the public, but in practice are most effective when applied by experts, as the location and extent of infestations can be difficult for homeowners to assess without experience and training. Other similar wood treatments best left to professionals involve superheating infested wood, freezing infested wood, and using electricity to zap infestations that are highly localized. In the event of widespread infestations, these methods will not be sufficient, and even for isolated infestations are only truly effective when performed by professionals.

If you believe you have an extensive infestation, a pest control professional will likely suggest fumigation. Structural fumigation is an extremely intricate process that homeowners should never attempt on their own, as this treatment option involves covering a home in a fumigation tent and pumping it full of gas to infiltrate the cracks and crevices where termites are hiding. Though costly and complex, fumigation is often the only way to treat a widespread drywood termite infestation. 

The leader in termite control and most reliable provider of the above treatment solutions is Terminix, a company that prides themselves on being relentless, rugged, and approachable. Homeowners are encouraged to explore the company’s website,, where they can learn more about the process of identifying, treating, and preventing termite infestations.

Terminix has proven their commitment to termite control with the promise of their Ultimate Protection Guarantee, providing homeowners with a peace of mind unmatched by any competitors. Under this guarantee, homeowners will never pay for termite treatments or repairs from new damage