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Dampwood Termites

Termite Control

Identifying Dampwood Termites

Region of US: MT, ID, NV, OR, CA, WA
Location in home: decaying wood, areas with leaks, woodpiles, mulchpiles, tree stumps

Typically found in the cooler, rainer region of the Pacific Northwest, dampwood termites are only occasionally seen elsewhere in the country, like southern Florida. Similar to drywood termites, dampwood termites can survive without soil, but differ notably in their attraction to moisture. Dampwood termites seek out plant matter with high moisture content, and as a result display a preference for decaying woods, areas with leaks, and piles of loose wood and mulch.

Recognizable by their reddish-brown heads and tendency to eat across the grain, dampwood termites are slightly larger than other termites, and tend to stay close to the ground due to their prediliction for moisture. Though dampwood termites typically don’t infest houses to the extent of their more destructive relatives, be sure to clear the area surrounding your house of all firewood, mulch, stumps, and debris in order to prevent them getting near your home. Additionally, try to ensure that wood on your home does not contact the soil, and be diligent in cleaning out your gutters. In the event that addressing moisture issues and removing damp, infested wood is not possible, contact a termite control professional to provide assistance.