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More About Rats

Rats are important in many ecosystems. They take part in spreading seeds, which encourages continued wildlife growth and they serve as prey for a variety of predators including birds, cats and reptiles due to their prolific breeding rate. Rats in urban areas have evolved to become dependent on humans, frequently finding their way into buildings in search of food and shelter. Rats are clever creatures, natural climbers who can sneak into a building in countless ways.

They are also able to memorize their surroundings, a survival trait that leads them to proceed with caution when they see a new object in a familiar area, like a rat trap near their nest.

Rats are usually known to travel in groups and they reproduce rapidly. Therefore, if you spot a rat in your home or business, there are probably several more living there. If you are suspicious that you have a rat infestation, call a professional exterminator immediately, for rats are known to carry and transmit diseases like Lyme disease, meningitis, dermatitis and most famously, the black plague.