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More About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are famously resilient, and getting rid of them is challenging. American cockroaches can live up to three months without food and although they prefer warm climates, they are tough enough to survive freezing temperatures. Once there is an infestation in the home, homeowners must take aggressive action. Most exterminators will use of combination of spray repellents to kill to cockroaches and will discuss with the homeowner any improvements that need to be made to prevent the cockroaches from returning. Prior to calling in an exterminator though, it can be useful for homeowners to determine for themselves which species of cockroach they are dealing with.

American Cockroach
At two-inches long this type of cockroach is the largest. It is categorized by the distinctive figure-eight pattern found on its body and in some parts of the country is known as a palmetto or water bug because it prefers extremely damp living spaces like sewers, basements and boiler rooms.

Brown-Banded Cockroach
These cockroaches are set apart by a series of light colored bands highlighted on their wings. Like most cockroaches, the brown-banded cockroach likes to spend its days living inside tiny cracks and crevices. What differentiates this species is its ability to survive in a wide range of environments, allowing it to infest countless parts of your home.

German Cockroach
An estimated 98% of cockroach service calls involve this particular variety. This small, 1/2 inch pest prefers to live in close proximity to food and moisture. Since the German cockroach eats just about anything, it will find the bathroom just as appealing as the kitchen. Hardy like most cockroaches, this species is a robust breeder capable of laying 45 eggs at a time. 

Oriental Cockroach
This variety of cockroach is found all across the United States, excepting the Southeast, and typically lives outdoors during the summer and indoors when the weather cools. Once inside a building, Oriental cockroaches are usually found in basements and crawlspaces. Homeowners are advised to install screens on vents and to seal any cracks in order to keep these pests from coming indoors.