Pest Control in El Paso,TX

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Pests in the home can be a nuisance for homeowners to remove.They can cause structural damage and can be harmful to your health.Infectious diseases are spread by mice and rats and cockroaches.Termites easily destroy the home's structure by eating away through wood.If pest control becomes impossible you should get a reputable company on your side.Professionals provide solutions that can save you from expensive repair bills. El Paso pest control experts are equipped to provide you with the best solutions.

Tackle Pests in your area with the Professionals

Residents in the area have grown accustomed to the changing climate patterns in El Paso.This means you?ve probably seen extremely big bugs and encountered frequent pest infestations.From season to season, residents may come across carpenter ants, wolf and house spiders, bed bugs, termites and the aggressive fire ants, to name a few. Pests thrive in conducive temperatures, which makes it essential for you to have professional pest solutions.Due to the potential for re-infestations, it can be complicated to rid your home of pests without professional help.Professional pest control providers in El Paso, can provide effective solutions with easy preventive tips you can do yourself.There are a few preventive measures you can start practicing now.

  • Seal cracks and opening - Use sealant or caulk to patch up areas that ants, ticks, and other critters can use to get into your home.
  • Properly store food - Leftovers and open food containers can quickly lead to an infestation. To fend off pests, make sure to properly store your food. This means cleaning up after every meal or snack, as well as keeping boxes in the pantry tightly shut.
  • Take out the trash regularly - Daily disposal of the trash cans in your home can significantly reduce the incentive pests have in entering your home.
  • Keep your home neat - Pests can accumulate in areas where it's cluttered or simply dirty. Keep them away by minimizing clutter in living rooms, closets, and basements. Wipe down counters after cooking and vacuum carpets and floors at least once a week.
  • Keep pesticides on hand - Pest sprays and powders may not be enough to keep pests away for good, but they can hold until professional help arrives.

Do These Now: Steps for DIY Pest Control

Don't Delay - Call Now for Professional Pest Control!

Hiring a pest control service not only eliminates pests, but it also protects your home year-round from infestations and damages. Eliminating ant hills, wasp nests, and rodent infestations should be left in the hands of an experienced pest control professional.Get in touch with a pest control company in El Paso today by browsing our directory!

local providers

A A Pest Control
9434 Viscount Blvd El Paso, TX 79925

A Reyes Touch
14901 Doe Ln El Paso, TX 79938

A Z Pest Control
11773 Snow Hawk Dr El Paso, TX 79936

AAA Pest Control
4008 Tierra Santa Pl El Paso, TX 79922

Aaron Pest Control
PO Box 370713 El Paso, TX 79937

Absolute Pest Control
10333 Grouse Rd # 38 El Paso, TX 79924

Aggies Pest Control
2655 N Yarbrough Dr # 135 El Paso, TX 79925

Aggies Pest Control
PO Box 372212 El Paso, TX 79937

Aim Pest Control
1120 Southwestern Dr El Paso, TX 79912

Aim Pest Control
PO Box 12052 El Paso, TX 79913

All City Exterminating
5621 Dailey Ave El Paso, TX 79905

All States Auto
PO Box 13282 El Paso, TX 79913

Alpha Omega Pest Control
PO Box 31051 El Paso, TX 79931

Alpha Omega Termite & Pest
2920 N Piedras St # H El Paso, TX 79930

Amazing Pest Control
4609 Tumbleweed Ave El Paso, TX 79924

American Pest Control Mgmt
3524 Hazeltime St El Paso, TX 79936

Amigo_Ͷs Pest Control
11247 Kachina Dr El Paso, TX 79936

Arrow Pest Control
5890 Bandolero Dr # 2130 El Paso, TX 79912

Arrow Pest Control
PO Box 13680 El Paso, TX 79913

ATC Pest Control
10069 Paducah Ave El Paso, TX 79936

Atc Pest Control
5424 Soledad Ln El Paso, TX 79932

Atlas Pest Lawn Co
10352 Rushing Rd El Paso, TX 79924

B C B Pest Control
6444 Cheyenne Trl El Paso, TX 79925

Beltrans Pest Control
8888 Dyer St El Paso, TX 79904

Beltrans Pest Control
9211 Waverly Dr El Paso, TX 79924

Best Pest Control
1721 Jerry Abbott St El Paso, TX 79936

Best Pest Control
PO Box 372062 El Paso, TX 79937

Bob_Ͷs Pest Control
3604 Gemini St El Paso, TX 79904

Bob_Ͷs Pest Control
6205 Llano Way El Paso, TX 79904

Border Exterminating
3111 Eads Pl El Paso, TX 79935

Border Exterminating
PO Box 36061 El Paso, TX 79935

Bug Busters Pest Control
9434 Viscount Blvd # 240 El Paso, TX 79925

Bug Off Pest Control
4344 Loma De Oro Dr El Paso, TX 79934

Bug-A-Boo Pest Control Inc
1232 Mcrae Blvd El Paso, TX 79925

Bugs Benny Pest Control
1377 Vista Granada Dr El Paso, TX 79936

Carter Pest Control
3600 Titanic Ave El Paso, TX 79904

Castle Pest & Termite Control
4519 Aries Dr El Paso, TX 79924

Clayton Pest Control
1292 Jim Paul Dr El Paso, TX 79936

Connies Dog Grooming Shop
1212 N Yarbrough Dr # 305 El Paso, TX 79925

Continental Termite & Pest
1450 Pendale Rd # J El Paso, TX 79936

Continental Trmt & Pest Ctrl
1450 Pendale Rd Ste J El Paso, TX 79936

Control Aaron Pest
3429 Red Sails Dr El Paso, TX 79936

D & H Extermination Service
10432 ACHILLES DR El Paso, TX 79924

D & H Extermination Svc
10432 Achilles Dr El Paso, TX 79924

David Villalobos Pest Control
1667 Robert Wynn St El Paso, TX 79936

Daw Businesses Inc
1525 E Missouri Ave El Paso, TX 79902

Del Norte Exterminating Co
2518 Porter Ave El Paso, TX 79930

Del Norte Exterminating Co
PO Box 31487 El Paso, TX 79931

Delta Pest Control & Lawn Svc
105 E Borderland Rd # B El Paso, TX 79932

Delta Pest Control & Lawn Svc
PO Box 220107 El Paso, TX 79913

Deluxe Pest Control Co
3316 Killarney St El Paso, TX 79925

Desert Pest & Termite Control
3112 Forney Ln El Paso, TX 79935

Desert Pest & Termite Control
PO Box 372283 El Paso, TX 79937

Desert Pest and Termite Ctrl
3112 Forney Ln Ste B El Paso, TX 79935

Desert Pest Control
3208 Mclean St El Paso, TX 79936

Destroyer Pest Control
3501 Angel Face El Paso, TX 79936

Douglas Pest Control
7937 Santa Maria Ct El Paso, TX 79915

E-Z Pest and Termite Control
1532 Larry Wadkins Dr El Paso, TX 79936

Efren Pest Control
4300 Loma De Oro Dr El Paso, TX 79934

Efren_Ͷs Pest Control
4300 Loma DE Oro Dr El Paso, TX 79934

El Paso Pest Management
2655 N Yarbrough Dr B214 El Paso, TX 79925

Epson Pest Control
6913 Crown Ridge Dr El Paso, TX 79912

Everett_Ͷs Pest Control Co
6200 DE Leon Ct El Paso, TX 79912

Everetts Pest Control
6200 De Leon CT El Paso, TX 79912

Files Exterminating Co Inc
257 Rio West Dr El Paso, TX 79932

General Exterminating Co
3577 Breckenridge Dr El Paso, TX 79936

Green Hornet Pest Control
10120 Aldrin Cir Socorro, TX 79927

Gregs Entps S & C Pest Ctrl
11069 Paducah Ave El Paso, TX 79936

Hayne_Ͷs Pest Control
7812 Parkland Dr El Paso, TX 79925

Hidden Valley Pest Control
7117 Orange Tree Ln El Paso, TX 79915

Hirby Pest Control
3023 Pershing Dr El Paso, TX 79903

Hornet Exterminating Co
208 Hardesty Pl El Paso, TX 79905

Hornet Exterminating Co
PO Box 9934 El Paso, TX 79995

J & M Pest Control
11394 James Watt Dr # 305 El Paso, TX 79936

J B Exterminating Service
PO Box 12442 El Paso, TX 79913

J B Exterminating Svc
3713 Tularosa Ave El Paso, TX 79903

J&M Pest Control
1248 Romy Ledesma El Paso, TX 79936

Jacksons Pest Control Co
3356 Kilgore Pl El Paso, TX 79936

Jade Pest Control
819 Warwick Rd El Paso, TX 79907

JRC Pest Control
7705 Dianjou Dr El Paso, TX 79912

Just Another Magical Extg Svcs
924 Cessna Dr El Paso, TX 79925

Kropp_Ͷs Pest Control
1810 Trawood Dr # B El Paso, TX 79935

Kropps Pest Control
1810 Trawood Dr Ste B El Paso, TX 79935

La Espanola Pest Control
7417 Catalpa Ln El Paso, TX 79925

Lamar Pest Control Co
10316 Blythe Dr El Paso, TX 79924

Lester Humphrey Pest Control
160 Mccutcheon Ln # A El Paso, TX 79932

Lone Star Pest Control
10754 Vista Del Sol Dr El Paso, TX 79935

Long Horn Pest Control
825 Villa Flores Dr El Paso, TX 79912

Longhorn Pest Control
1208 Cerrito Grande Ln El Paso, TX 79912

Lsar Inc
PO Box 10155 El Paso, TX 79995

M & G Pest Control
8108 Cook Dr El Paso, TX 79907

M & M Pest Control
1625 Dale Douglas Dr El Paso, TX 79936

Master Control Systems
10344 Ballymote Dr El Paso, TX 79925

Pan American Pest Control
155 Mccutcheon Ln El Paso, TX 79932

Pan-American Pest Control Co
167 Anita Cir El Paso, TX 79905

Paradise Pest Control Co Inc
151 Wiseman Cir El Paso, TX 79927

Pest Masters
8108 Tierra Verde Dr El Paso, TX 79907

Ram Pest Control
201 Camille Dr El Paso, TX 79912

Ransom Lawn Service Inc
PO Box 3336 El Paso, TX 79923

Richard_Ͷs Pest Control
3252 Tomahawk St El Paso, TX 79936

Rosedale Exterminator Inc
1851 Trawood Dr Ste B1 El Paso, TX 79935

Rosedale Exterminators
1851 Trawood Dr # B1 El Paso, TX 79935

S & C Pest Control
1116 Hunter Dr El Paso, TX 79915

Salas Pest Control
244 Bird Ave El Paso, TX 79922

Samsons Pest Control
5936 Neches Ave El Paso, TX 79905

Samsons Pest Control
918 Argentina St El Paso, TX 79903

Santinis Pest Control
10957 Casey Stengel Pl El Paso, TX 79934

Spiderman Pest Control
12811 Thackery Dr El Paso, TX 79928

Sun City Pest Control
350 N Resler Dr El Paso, TX 79912

Sun Country Pest Control
9037 Villa Madero Dr El Paso, TX 79907

Sunset Pest Management Inc
2908 Chaswood St El Paso, TX 79935

Target Pest Control
336 Lynne Way El Paso, TX 79915

Taxi Termite & Pest Control Co
829 CENTENNIAL DR El Paso, TX 79912

Truly Nolen Pest Control
3618 Buckner St El Paso, TX 79925

U-Do-It Pool Pest & Weed Ctrl
8927 Dyer St El Paso, TX 79904

Unibar USA
6980 Market Ave El Paso, TX 79915

Waves Pest Control
3301 Suffolk Rd El Paso, TX 79925

Xtreme Pest Control
12085 Jose Cisneros Dr El Paso, TX 79936

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