What is Included with a Pest Inspection?

People have pest inspections performed for a number of reasons. They are commonly required in real estate transactions, and homeowners often order them to find out whether infestations are actively happening in their homes. As far as what's included in a pest inspection, it can vary. If the inspection is being performed for a specific type of pest, for example, different methods may be used. However, most pest inspections include a few basic things. Information about what to expect from a basic pest inspection is highlighted below.

Things that a Pest Inspector Looks for During a Pest Inspection

During pest inspections, inspectors examine the inside and outside of a home for signs of pests like rodents, termites and insects. If the inspector has been alerted about the presence of a specific pest, he will keep that in mind while performing his inspection. People are often surprised to learn that pest inspections are performed inside and outside of homes. However, the inspector needs to try and determine how pests are getting into a home, and that can be done by examining its exterior.

What exactly do inspectors look for while performing these inspections? A few examples include:

  • Signs of Infiltration - Around the exterior of a home, an inspector will look for things like wood piles and other objects. If they are leaning against the walls of a home, they could provide easy entry points for insects and other pests. They can also mask holes and other areas through which pests can enter a home.
  • Insect Carcasses - In some cases, obvious piles of insect carcasses may be present. They may be found inside or outside a home. In either case, they are a clear sign that insects are infesting a home.
  • Mud Tubes - Mud tubes indicate that a termite problem is probably underway. Additional signs of termites include frass, which looks like sawdust, mazes beneath wallpaper and paint and piles of discarded wings.

Diagrams are Included

The best pest inspection reports include diagrams that specifically note where signs of infestation have been spotted. These diagrams are later used to eradicate pests from the home. In some cases, they may also be used to alert homeowners to potential issues that could cause infestations in the future.

Pest Inspection Reports

No inspection is complete without a full, detailed report. The report will include all of the inspector's findings. If an infestation has been discovered, it will advise homeowners about the next steps. Similarly, if there are circumstances that could cause infestations in the future, the report should make note of them.

If you're buying a home and need to have an inspection performed, or if you suspect that you have a pest problem, contact a pest control company right away. You can find one in your area by consulting this website.

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