Getting your pest situation under control seems hopeless when you don’t know even know where to begin. Review the following questions that homeowners frequently ask when signing up to receive pest control help:

1. What is pest control?
Pest control involves the use of pesticides, traps, and other techniques to eliminate pests from homes. It can be done independently through store-bought products or through a professional pest control service. The latter is recommended for large infestations or those involving particularly destructive pests, such as termites.

2. Why should I hire a professional for pest control?
Professional pest control services are beneficial for a number of reasons. They often possess industry-strength tools unavailable in stores, as well as the know-how of hunting down common pests in your area.

Even if your home isn’t being overrun with pests, hiring a professional ensures that you not only get rid of the pests that are currently present, but also reduce the risk of them coming back in the future.

3. What should I look for in a pest control service?
Before hiring any pest control company, look for the following qualities:

• Reputation. Does the company have a consistent track record of solid pest control service?

• Specialization. Do they specialize in treating particular types of pest? The more options there are for treating specific pests, the more likely said pest will stay away.

• Licensure. If the company isn’t licensed on any level, you could be risking unauthorized treatment and potentially getting fined for using them.

• Knowledge. Are they aware of the common pests in the area during each season? Are they privy to local regulations in pesticide use? Quizzing them on these factors ensures that you get the best (not to mention, legal) help in pest control.

4. Are pesticides harmful to my kids and pets?
Safety should be the top priority of any pest control company. When used properly, most pesticides pose little harm to children and pets. If high doses are needed to treat a certain area, pest control agents should warn homeowners beforehand so that proper precautions can be made in advance.

Any pest control product used by the homeowner should be stored in locked cabinets in high areas away from children and pets.

5. Are some things I can do on my own while I wait for a pest control agent?
Absolutely. If you see pests around your home, don’t hesitate to exterminate them with home remedies, such as soapy water, sticky traps, or wire stuffing. These, and other techniques, can temporarily hinder pests from entering your home until a professional pest control agent arrives.

6. How much does pest control cost?
The cost of pest control treatment will vary depending on the type of pest, scale of infestation, and the unique features of your property. For exact pricing, contact a pest control company in your area for a quote.

7. What can I do to stop pests from coming back?
In general, pests seek homes for shelter or food. Eliminating all entry points and food sources is the first step to keep pests from making a return appearance. Seal off cracks with caulk or sealant; take out the trash frequently while securing the lid on garbage cans. These are just some of the preventative measures you can take to stop most types of pests from returning to your home.

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