Why Choose Terminix?

With thousands of exterminators located across the country, why do countless clients choose to rely on Terminix for pest and termite protection? If you ask, most clients will tell you the reason they love Terminix is because of their dedication to customer service and expert results. They know that large-scale and small-town exterminators may offer you one or the other, but few can give you both the way Terminix does.

Terminix vs. National Competitors

Terminix isn't the only nationwide exterminator, but they are the best. The reason the competition fails to top Terminix comes down to quality. In their quest to open branches as quickly as possible, other nationwide exterminators fail to build relationships with customers and communities. Terminix never makes that mistake, and always knows exactly what clients and neighborhoods need. In addition, the competition rarely bothers to keep an eye on local branches the way Terminix does. So while you can always count on Terminix quality, it isn't always easy to tell how professional the competition's local affiliates really are.

Terminix vs. Local Exterminators

Local exterminator companies may offer good service, but they rarely have the professional equipment and technical know-how to tackle tough jobs. While every Terminix exterminator is a certified technician with elite equipment, you can never be sure how much training independent exterminators truly have. Just as importantly, you won't ever know if the solutions they offer are really the best, or simply the only ones they're able to provide.

You Can Depend On Terminix

When you work with Terminix, you know you'll be getting the best extermination services there are. Terminix is so dedicated to its mission that it offers the strongest 100% satisfaction guarantees in the industry. If you ever aren't satisfied with their work, they'll keep at it until you areā€¦or offer you a complete refund. How many of our competitors can tell you that?

Call now to receive a free initial inspection or evaluation, with $50 off pest services or 10% off termite services.*

Call Terminix today at 8558012113 for more information, or fill out our online form to receive a free termite inspection or pest evaluation.

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