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Will Pest Control Products Harm My Pets?

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A common concern people have when enacting pest control is the effect it could have on pets. Everyone wants to get rid of pests—but not at the expense of Socks and Fido.

The concern is well-founded. Many pest solutions involve harsh chemicals, deadly poisons, and dangerous traps. These are all things you’ll want to take into account when choosing your pest control products. Use the following guidelines to decide what pest control products to use.

Your Pet’s Personality

Some pets are very curious and nosy. They’ll dig into anything they find interesting, careless of their own safety. If your furry friend is like this, you need to be especially careful with your pest control strategy. Leaving out rat poison or a powerful snap trap could lead to curiosity literally killing the cat. If this is the case, you’ll need to either find safe alternatives or pen your pet up in a safe area.

If your cat or dog is obedient and generally content to keep to themselves, this may not be much of an issue. Use your own judgment, but err on the side of caution.

Your Pest Control Strategy

Some pesticides are nontoxic and quite safe for use around pets. For instance, diatomaceous earth is deadly for hard-shelled insects like roaches and termites. However, it’s safe for consumption by most animals and is even used in cooking sometimes. Similarly, a sticky fly trap is bad news for flies and mosquitoes, but doesn't pose much of a threat to a dog.

Also think about where you’re using your pest control products. Moth balls are dangerous if eaten, but your pets are unlikely to be digging around in your closet looking for them. To be safe, just keep the closet door closed. Some lawn sprays are highly toxic, and dangerous to a dog who likes to roll around in (and even eat) the grass. Be sure to keep your dog inside until the chemicals have worn off.

Using a Pest Professional

Whether it’s looking out for a new puppy or a tank full of lizards, professional exterminators have to deal with beloved pets on a daily basis. They have a variety of alternative tools available for various pet situations, and know what strategies to employ to kill off pests safely. If you’re unsure whether your pest control products pose a threat to your pets or any of the rest of your family, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. They’ll be able to assess the situation and give some helpful tips!
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