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Where do Roaches Hide?

Cockroach Control

We all know roaches are incredibly hard to get rid of. Not only are they adaptable and nearly indestructible; they’re also sneaky and masters of stealth. In order to have full roach control in your home, you need to know where roaches hide. Here are some of the more common places:

  • Behind the fridge. Roaches love hanging out beneath or behind refrigerators. They have easy access to food crumbs and spills that fall nearby, and can otherwise remain entirely unseen. Since fridges are so heavy, people rarely move them out of the way to check for pests. 
  • Under the sink. Dark and damp, roaches will happily sit down here to sip on dripping water and munch on mildew. They’ll even eat some cleaning supplies, like soap.
  • Beneath cabinets and counters. There’s plenty of room here for cockroaches to hang out. They can usually dodge casual attempts at cleaning these areas. The reward is high for the bugs in these areas; a constant supply of food debris.
  • Compost piles. Warm and with plenty of food, compost piles are prime territory for roaches. Most people don’t mind the presence of bugs in compost piles, since they actually aid in the decomposition process. Take care to keep any piles away from your home, though, so wandering roaches won’t make their way to your house.
Roaches won’t always hide where you expect them to, though. Here are some roaches like to hide out that you might not have thought of:
  • Beneath wallpaper. If your wall paper is peeling somewhere, or isn’t fastened flat against the wall, cockroaches can crawl up under it. Wallpaper glue and mildew wallpaper make great snacks, so it shouldn’t surprise you to find the bugs here.
  • Bags of pet food. Dogs and cats aren’t the only ones who’ll eat pet food. Many insects, including roaches, will burrow deep into a bag of pet show if they can. Once there, they have a large supply of moist, nutritious food, and you probably won’t even notice their presence. 
  • Wall and attic insulation. Though most mammals won’t be comfortable in itchy insulation, roaches can burrow into it protected by their exoskeletons. If they can’t find a source of food and water, the roaches can go unseen for months or more in insulation.
  • Inside appliances and electronics. There is plenty of room for a roach to move around inside a computer tower, microwave, or dishwasher door. If they can find even a tiny crack, they can usually wriggle in. Once there, they’re usually safe. Most people don’t want to spray pesticides in these areas for fear of damaging the electronic components. 
For tips on how to get rid of roaches in these hiding places, check out the cockroach section of our site!
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