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Record Pests Ride Heat Wave


Though this summer’s record heat is making life miserable for many Americans, there’s one demographic that is loving the weather: bugs.

Most insects, especially those that people consider pests, thrive in warm weather. This year, bugs are out in force earlier and in greater numbers than usual. Don’t be surprised if you have problems with all sorts of pests this summer.

The weather is not only increasing breeding rates; it’s also driving pests towards your home. In the hot, dry summer, many insects will find your house a ready source of shelter, food, and water.  There are some insects that become especially pesky when the mercury starts rising:

Grasshoppers and crickets breed faster than rabbits when the weather is warm. The vision of an idyllic summer evening inevitably includes the quiet background chirping of these insects. But when the quiet chirping becomes a steady cacophony that image can quickly dissolve, especially if it’s interrupting your sleep. The pests also wreak havoc on gardens and farms, and can ruin entire harvests.

Ants, especially fire ants, are notorious for taking over yards when heat is on. In the height of summer, many homeowners see their carefully manicured lawns ruined by outcroppings of ant hills. If it gets dry, they’ll roam out in search for water sources—and often find them in or around your home. A leaky faucet or spill left uncleaned can quickly lead to a full infestation.

Mosquitos, perhaps the most annoying pests of them all, absolutely thrive in hot weather. They breed and develop at much quicker rates when the weather is consistently warm. Even if it’s dry, mosquitos can still multiply and grow up in the smallest puddle of water. When mosquitos are out in such swarms, diseases such as West Nile Virus are even bigger threats than usual.

When the climate’s against you, the battle to keep your home pest-free becomes all the more difficult. It’s especially important, then, to make sure your house is sealed up tight and provides no easy pickings for insects. If you notice a substantial increase in bugs in or around your house, you may want to consider calling a pest control expert to handle the problem.

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