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Nature’s 10 Best Spider Webs

  • Spider webs: nature’s most beautiful deathtraps. Spiders weave these intricate structures with their own silk to provide a home and collect food. Webs are incredibly strong for their size and are often made with a delicate beauty and geometry that would rival the greatest architect or artist. Here are some of nature’s most impressive spider webs.

    10. Communal Spider Web

  • This massive network of spider webs was discovered by a park superintendent in Texas’s Lake Tawakoni State Park. It almost completely engulfed several trees and the surrounding vegetation. Spiders will sometimes work together to build structures like this, especially if there’s a growing insect population nearby.

    9. Spiral Orb Webs

  • These two webs were made by orb weaver spiders. The only thing more impressive than their intricacy is their symmetry and parallelism.

    8. Funnel Web

  • This web was made by a grass spider, but others also make their traps in that signature funnel shape. The spiders hide in the hole created by the funnel and wait for unsuspecting prey to come by.

    7. Frosted Web

  • This web gets is beautiful thick white strands from a layer of frost covering it. This is common in late winter and early fall.

    6. Dewwy Web

  • Humidity condensed on this web, forming hundreds of beautiful dewdrops glistening in the morning light.

    5. Adaptive Spider Web

  • A clever spider decided to take advantage of the decorations on a wrought-iron fence.

    4. Big Web, Little Spider

  • The tenacity and craftiness of spiders are incredible. This little guy is only a couple of inches long, but his web covers more than 70 square feet. For comparison, imagine building the frame of a thousand-foot building all by yourself.

    3. Garden Spider Web

  • A flashy garden spider sits at the center of this web, making it that much more impressive (and intimidating!). Notice its elaborate web decorations above and below.

    2. Two Spider Webs

  • These two frosty webs hang off of trees overlooking a valley. They pair well together, don’t you think?

    1. Ultraviolet Web

This web might look white to you, but to many insects it appears ultraviolet. This is the same color bugs see some flowers in, fooling unsuspecting insects. This particular web, complete with electric decorations, was made by an argiope spider. You probably don’t want spider webs in your home and should get rid of them when you see them. However, if you see any outside you should leave them be. Spider webs are beautiful and catch hundreds or even thousands of other pest insects!

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