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How to Get Rid of Whiteflies

DIY-Do It Yourself

Whiteflies are quite different from the more famous common house fly, but they are no less of a pest. In fact, while most flies can at worse peskily buzz around your picnic, white flies are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to garden plants and crops. These bugs could quickly ruin your garden or farm, so if you see any sign of them you should take action to control them.


Whiteflies are small and not especially resilient on their own. They can be controlled by pesticides much like other small, flying insects. You can sometimes get the necessary chemicals at a garden supply store, just be sure to pick carefully and ask for help if you need it. Unfortunately, whiteflies are infamous for their ability to develop resistances to insecticides, and many poisons that were effective last year won’t work now. For that reason, you may want to get in touch with an exterminator or pest control expert. They’ll know which insecticides are working right now and have access to higher-strength chemicals than you can get in the store.

Natural Deterrents

Because of their changing resistance to insecticides, you may prefer to use more natural means to get rid of whiteflies. If you notice whiteflies, a good spraydown of your plants during your next watering can wash off their eggs and even drown the adults. You can make a yard or garden less attractive to the bugs by removing accumulated debris and fallen vegetation, which provide food and shelter.

It might seem counterintuitive, but you can actually introduce or encourage other insects into your yard for pest control. Whiteflies are an easy and plentiful food source for many predator bugs, including spiders, wasps, and ants. Many of these bugs are harmless to your plants and will even pollinate them!

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