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How Does a Spider Decide Where to Spin a Web?


To Spin or Not to Spin: How Spiders Choose Their Webmaking Sites

One of the most iconic aspects of spiders is the spider web. Spider webs are marvelous feats of construction and are often quite beautiful to boot. As fascinating as webs are, though, they sometimes end up where they don’t belong: in your home.

Spider webs have a variety of functions. They serve as homes, hiding places, and food traps for spiders of all kinds. Knowing that, you might be confused as to why they’re making their webs in your house. Spiders choose the location of their webs carefully and for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the more common.

Plentiful Food Supply

Spiders like to leave their webs in places where there’s plenty of food around. This increases the chances of a fly or cricket getting caught and making an easy meal for the spider. If you frequently see spider webs in your house, it may mean that you also have a large population of insects that’s attracting them. Do what’s necessary to eliminate other bugs from your home, and spiders will follow.

Clutter and Enclosed Areas

Spiders like stable support areas to build their webs in. Look for them in nooks in crannies of closets, bookshelves, and other locations where they can easily string up a web. Limit places like this by keeping your home generally orderly and tidy and frequently checking nooks and corners.

Dim Places

Spiders like areas that aren’t bright or dark, but somewhere in between. Bright areas leave them exposed and vulnerable, while dark areas will not attract some of the choicest prey like mosquitos and moths. Keep your home as open and bright as possible to make it unappealing to spiders. Spider webs are interesting, but that doesn’t mean you want them in your home. Keep them outside where they belong by following this advice. For more information on how to prevent spiders from taking over your home, see what our site recommends.
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