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Getting Rid of Squirrels in the Attic

Rodent Control

Squirrels are generally harmless and can even be considered cute and pleasant addition to your backyard. However, they can be considered pests—especially if they start invading your home.

The most likely spot for a squirrel intrusion is your attic. The rodents’ ability to climb up almost anything allows them to crawl all over your home. If they find an easy opening, you can bet they’ll take it. The animals are always looking for a safe, easy, and comfortable place to make their nest. Attics are dry, warm, and protected, making them prime squirrel territory.

Getting rid of squirrels in the attic isn’t an easy task. They are sneaky and persistent. If the pesky rodents do invade, however, there are a few things you can try to get rid of them.

      1. Scare Them Out
      Squirrels prefer dark, quiet places to sleep in and raise a family. Normally, your attic is ideal for this. You can make it the opposite with a few steps. First, brighten up the place. A lonely, dim attic bulb isn’t very bright, so you’ll want to compliment it with some extra bright flood lights or strobe lights. Add a radio playing some loud heavy metal and suddenly your attic doesn’t look so appealing.

      2. Use a Cat
      Most cats are natural predators and will instinctively hunt down squirrels. Get a cat and leave it in the attic for a few hours a day. Remember to keep feeding your pet; just because they’re hunting squirrels doesn’t mean they want to eat them.

      3. Rodent Traps
      Many traps used to catch other rodents will work on squirrels as well. Bait the traps with a bit of peanut butter or some seeds and wait for the squirrels to come. Snap traps are lethally efficient, though they can get a little too messy for some peoples’ taste. If you prefer a less deadly alternative, try a human trap that will trap the rodents without killing them. If you choose to release the animals, be sure to do so a mile or two away from your home so they won’t come running back.

      4. Pest Control
      Sometimes a squirrel infestation is too persistent for you to get rid of on your own. In that case, consider calling in a pest control expert. Professionals are trained to handle all sorts of rodents, and squirrels in the attic are among the most common.
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