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Your Guide to DIY Stink Bug Control

DIY-Do It Yourself

It’s stink bug season again, and that spells—and smells—trouble for homeowners everywhere.

Stink bugs are similar to other insects from a pest perspective. They can ruin your food, damage property, and make a mess, especially if they get a chance to start breeding. What makes the especially unpleasant is their namesake odor. The insects can produce foul smells when alive, and the scents are even worse if you kill them improperly.

If you know you’ve got a stink bug problem, or think you’re at risk of one, you need to take action right away. Use these DIY tips to take care of the problem.

Stink Bug Prevention

As with most other problems, it’s much easier for you to avoid a stink bug infestation than eliminate one. The insects show up in force this time of year because they’re preparing for winter. They need shelter from the cold and access to a secure food source. Unfortunately, your home provides both of those things.

In order to keep stink bugs away, you have to make your home as inaccessible as possible. Inaccessibility starts on the outside. Keep your yard kept free of debris, and your lawn cut as short as possible. Don’t let vegetation grow too close to your house, and keep it well trimmed. Eliminate clutter, stands of weeds, and any other cover the bugs can use as staging areas on the way to your home.

The next step is to make your home impenetrable. Check your walls and foundation for cracks and gaps. Stink bugs only need a little bit of space to wriggle through to make it inside. Be sure to check around windowsills and door frames. You can seal up these gaps with a variety of options; check a local hardware store for ideas.

Stink Bug Elimination

If stink bugs do make their way inside, you’ll find they can be much trickier to handle. Here are some steps to combat them:
  • Keep your home clean of food debris, crumbs, spills, and the like.
  • Clean up piles of junk and clutter. Don’t give the bugs anywhere to hide. Use pesticides. Most spray insect killers will easily take care of bed bugs.
  • Avoid squishing or smashing stink bugs as a control method. This will cause the insects to release foul-smelling chemicals. Use a spray to kill them or trap them and throw them outside, well away from your home.
Follow these tips and your home should stay stink bug-free this fall. Stay tuned for more seasonal pest control tips.
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