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DIY Spider Control Made Easy


Spiders are one of the most beneficial creatures to humans, eating plenty of pesky bugs like mosquitoes, crickets, and flies. That’s a small consolation when the eight-legged creeps are found in or near your home, however.

If you need to get rid of spiders, but you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to go through the trouble of getting an exterminator, you can try getting rid of them yourself. Do-it-yourself spider control is achievable if you know how.


Once spiders make their way into your home, hunting them down and getting rid of them can be tricky. It’s much easier to prevent their entry altogether. Take these steps to deter spiders:
  • Get rid of food sources. If a spider’s in your home, it’s probably because they’re finding plenty of prey there. Make sure you eliminate infestations of moths, flies, and other bugs first. For tips on how to get rid of a specific insect, check the rest of our site.
  • Remove mess and clutter. Spiders won’t live in open, exposed areas. There is too much danger for them and not enough prey. Clean up messy areas and remove piles of clutter and junk lying around. Don’t give them anywhere to hide.
  • Seal up holes. Most spiders crawl in through small gaps or crack in your roof, walls, and floors. Check for openings around windows and doors first, then the rest of your home. Use whatever tools and materials necessary to block up the gaps.
  • Prevent hitchhikers. Sometimes spiders will gain access by hitching a ride on you, a family member, guest, or pet. Keep an eye on anyone entering the house, and check yourself as well. The creatures are notorious for stowing away in groceries, especially produce. So when you’re unpacking your groceries, always be wary.

Spider Control

No matter how vigilant you are, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll eventually find a few spiders. Hopefully they’re just isolated incidents, but you want to get rid of them before they start laying eggs and become a real problem. Use these steps for DIY spider control:
  • Stay on the look-out. Spiders can be found in any room of the house, but there are a few areas they’re likely to frequent. Frequently check places that are usually dark and quiet, like closets, cabinets, and basements.
  • Eliminate single spiders. A well-placed smack with a shoe or rolled-up newspaper will do the trick, but try to get the spider on the first swing. If you fail to kill it, it may crawl away and escape. If you prefer, you can get some spider-specific pesticide spray from the store and use that instead.
  • Deal with infestations. If a spider manages to lay eggs in your house, you could suddenly be dealing with dozens or hundreds of the creepy crawlies. If they all hatch, getting rid of them all will be tough. You’ll want to go on the attack with swatter and pesticide spray. Also apply pesticide to areas you suspect the spiders will go: corners of the ceiling, cracks in the floorboard, etc. If they can’t find food, the spiderlings will eventually die off on their own. 
With a little luck, your DIY efforts will keep the spiders at bay. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own spider repellent.
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