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Bed Bugs Biting in the Motor City

Bed Bugs

Detroit’s being beset by a particularly unpleasant guest—bed bugs. They’ve infested homes, beds, and, most recently, public transportation.

The city’s transit drivers’ union is reporting that bed bugs can now be found on many of Detroit’s buses. The crafty pests are very adaptable and will happily make their home on any soft surface where there’s an ample supply of flesh to munch on. The sneaky bugs probably hitchhiked on the clothes of people who live in infested homes, and found that buses had plenty of new prey.

Bed bugs sometimes come in waves to a city or area, especially during the warm months. With a summer of record breaking heat, bed bugs, like many other pests, are thriving. They make their home in clothes, furniture, beds, and wherever else they can hide while waiting for their next victim. Since they feed on blood, they need to be places where people are staying still for at least a few minutes at a time for them have time to bite through the skin.

Getting rid of the bugs in buses won’t be as easy as it seems. In most instances, like with beds, a good washing of the sheets, blankets, and pillows is enough to get rid of the critters. Unfortunately, buses can’t simply be turned inside out and thrown through the wash.  Using traditional pesticides are also a poor solution, since they’re often toxic to people as well. Many other insects, including spiders and ants, eat bed bugs; but using them would be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

In this case, an organic pesticide tailored specifically for bed bugs may be the answer. Such solutions have become increasingly popular in recent years as concerns over toxic chemicals have risen and organic technologies have emerged.

If you have a bed bug infestation, clean all of your bedding, clothing, and anything else you suspect may be housing the pests. Wash it all as rigorously as you can, with the strongest detergents and at the highest temperatures your materials can handle. If you’re still finding bed bugs after that, you might want to call in an insect control expert for professional advice.

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