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Nature’s 10 Best Spider Webs


  • Spider webs: nature’s most beautiful deathtraps. Spiders weave these intricate structures with their own silk to provide a home and collect food. Webs are incredibly strong for their si

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Invasion of the Rasberry Crazy Ant


No, it’s not a fruit-flavored gummy snack or exotic cocktail. The raspberry crazy ant is a real insect, and it is quickly becoming a threat to large regions of the U.S.

So What is It?

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Record Pests Ride Heat Wave


Though this summer’s record heat is making life miserable for many Americans, there’s one demographic that is loving the weather: bugs.

Most insects, especially those that people consider pes

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Summer’s Worst Pests and How to Get Rid of Them


Summertime means pool parties, cookouts, outdoor projects, and bugs. Summer pests can wreck a picnic. Before you can sit down to enjoy a meal with friends and family, yellow jackets are swarming so

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