Home Remedies For Ants


Oddly, cucumber peels and slices are one of the best ways to get rid of ants. This is due to the bitterness of cucumbers that repels ants. You can also boil the cucumbers with water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it as an organic form of ant control. Combine it with dish soap to make it even more potent.

Peppers, Spices and Oils

Another great method of ant prevention is to use peppers, spices and oils. By placing cayenne pepper slices, citrus oil, cinnamon sticks or sliced garlic cloves in areas where ants frequent, you can generally drive them away within minutes. The spiciness found in these ingredients acts as a natural ant repellent, and each ingredient can be mixed to create stronger formulas. As with any food product treatment, it's best to clean up and reapply doses each day in order to avoid bad odors and rotting food.


Mint is another aroma that drives away ants. You can use a variety of mint products to scare off ants in your home, including mint cloves, mint leaves or mint tea bags. Additionally, you may try combinations of various types of mints, including peppermint and spearmint. An added bonus of this method is that it can keep your home smelling fresh and clean all year.

Sugar and Sodium Borate

Sodium borate, often referred to and sold as Borax, is a detergent additive used in a variety of household products and it harmless in small doses. By mixing one teaspoon of sodium borate and one cup of sugar into a one-liter container, you can create an ant poison. After the mixture is complete, soak a few cotton balls and then place them into smaller containers, such a yogurt cups. Poke small holes in the tops of these containers and place the soaked cotton balls inside. Ants will be drawn to the sweetness of the sugar, and once inside the containers, they will sample the sodium borate solution, ultimately taking it back to their colonies. Once this occurs, the colony will become sickened and die.

Going Outside the Home

It's important to keep in mind that ants that appear inside your home often have their colonies outside of your home, in which case, your ultimate goal should be to eliminate the colony. Try tracking ants back to their source whenever possible. Once you've found the source, try the methods mentioned above to eliminate it, or contact an exterminator in the event of a large infestation.
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